4 for Forty!

Fiery 40I’m making my wish!


Loving Like Mom

Baby JennaMy mom died of ovarian cancer in 2009. She fought bravely through lots of treatments and surgeries and she was an amazing example of how to live while you’re dying.

I was blessed to give her eulogy. The big thing that came to me when I was thinking about what she meant to me is that she taught me how to love unconditionally. If you’re interested you can read it here.

So many people have been touched by cancer and I’m ecstatic for those that beat cancer and are survivors. Yet, I know there’s much more to learn and do to fight.

It’s my wish to raise $1000 in memory of my mom, Michele Regis. If you’d like to contribute you can do so with the American Cancer Society.

Faith-filled Friendships for Life

My faith is so important to me. The Newman Catholic Student Center was my home away from home for 10 years as I worked towards my degree at Northern Illinois University.

Within the walls I found space to know myself and within the people I met I found true friendship. My young adult faith was formed through retreats and service trips. The foundation for my day to day living faith is grounded in my experiences both as student and staff member over that decade at Newman.

Newman Friends 2011

I carry with me many lessons of faith, hope, and love and am so grateful for the many friends I still have today that I made at the Newman Center.

If you were impacted by the Newman Center in some way, I invite you to donate through the Newman Foundation** (please put Jenna’s Birthday Wish in the Purpose box so I can track the donations).

**Having trouble with this link? You can find the direct link to Paypal donation (scroll down to the bottom) from Newman’s webpage here.

Building Hope One Nail at a Time

The main focus of Habitat for Humanity is to make adequate housing a matter of conscience and action. Jenna NOLA HFH

On service trips I’ve been a part of, we worked in hands-on construction and renovation and sometimes a little deconstruction. From building trusses to framing houses or putting up drywall to staining wood trim, I learned a lot and not just about building a house. I’ve worked with affiliates in seven different states including in New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Katrina.

Habitat is more than building homes; it is building hope. In the 20 years I’ve worked with Habitat I’ve always gotten more out of the work than blisters and sore muscles. I’ve made amazing friends and my heart has been filled with the joy of serving others.

Want to give a hand up to a family that needs shelter, join me in supporting Habitat for Humanity.

Birthday: Idea

ethiopia_clean_waterI heard about this awesome idea from Kim & Jason after they heard Scott Harrison tell his story at the World Domination Summit in July 2012. Since service is part of my life’s mission, this was right up my alley.

It was the match to light the fuse of an idea that had been growing to commemorate this birthday. I’ve known since my last birthday that I wanted to do something special to mark this life event. Today’s Gospel reading at church was the baptism of Jesus so having Charity: Water be one of my four is a perfect fit.

You can help make an enormous impact around the world by joining my campaign to provide clean water with Charity: Water.