What’s This All About?

My name is Jenna Regis and January 13, 2013 is my 40th birthday!

Jenna Party HatI’ve had it really good in my four decades of life so I wanted to make a birthday wish to give back.

My wish is to raise $1000 for each of four charities – a total of $4000 to celebrate the hundred-fold blessings I have had in my 40 years on this planet!

I’m asking for donations to four charities that have meant a lot to me:

1) I lost my mom to ovarian cancer in 2009, so I wish to honor her through the American Cancer Society.

2) My faith is such a big part of who I am that I am asking support for the Newman Center at NIU.

3) Serving others is the core of my life’s mission and Habitat for Humanity is one way that I serve.

4) The jump start for the idea to do something cool and crazy like this comes from the folks of Charity: Water.

Click on each organization to read more about why I am asking for donations to these awesome groups.


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